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Desire Me......

Back from his cycle ride, the shower on this auspicious day took a little longer than usual and he spent what seemed like an age, pratting around in his green hooded bathrobe, deciding on what to wear for Festerval. He cursed silently, ‘Should I go for the typical retro look, or be subtly stylish in a present day, casual outfit?’ He silently enquired of himself. ‘As we were back there in the day, or as we are now?’ His brain fell silent after that, baffled by his own indecision and totally lost in a morass of clueless thoughts.

"I wonder what Poe'll be wearing," he said almost totally subconsciously as his mind's eye wandered off and he saw her on stage, leather clad and almost naked, winding up all the young, inexperienced boys, who stood gawping below her.

‘They’d probably call all that bumping, grinding and thrusting, Child Abuse nowadays,’ he thought and laughed out loud. For some unfathomable reason, The Doll's old single, ‘Desire me,’ suddenly reappeared in his mind and his dressing gown slowly began to bulge in a particular way, at the front.

"Down boy," he commanded. "I can think of better things to do right now," he reluctantly stated as he slipped his dressing gown off, reached down for his Cargo pants and struggled into them, with the horny thoughts of Poe still redolent in his mind. ‘Why, after so many years, does she still have this effect on me?’ His mind failed to answer as his T-shirt started to fight back.

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