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Tom's Author Feature

What music do you listen to when writing, or musing about writing and why?

“Ah, now you’re talking. Music fits in the space between my head and the words on my computer screen and there is no hard and fast method for finding the correct vibe. The music almost auto selects and it has to be just right. Sometimes, when I’m about to start something new, I can spend a good few hours picking which programme to play, for the duration of the novel. Each book belongs in its own era and my iPod is crammed with different styles, which range from 1960’s Zone Out Psychedelia, to what I refer to as “Dog Rock” e.g Korn, Raging Speedhorn and Kid Rock.”

Music is very important in this story and in your writing in general, I refer to articles etc. W900 is a story which revolves around music but is there a particular track you associate with it? Why did you choose that piece?

W900, has music which represents only the characters who left the strongest imprint as I was writing the plot. Ken Alexander took possession of, “Let’s spend the night together,” and Poe owned, “I won’t tell you,” by Lacuna Coil. That track, is also the closest thing, to what I consider is ‘Sound of The Fester’s.’ So conveniently, it kills five birds, with the one stone. All the music, that gets a mention in W900 more, or less chose itself.

What is your favourite place and why?

Anglesey, because it moves at my discordant pace and somehow, it touches my soul. Plus, it’s my shelter from an overpopulated world, that is dying before my very eyes.

What inspires you to write?

The ugly, cruel, heartless and stupid world, that I live on. Then, when you add the afore mentioned OVERPOPULATED, to the mix, you have the perfect storm of mass extinction, just waiting outside your door, insisting that you trip on over and welcome it in.

You see, what I meant by referring to this world, as stupid?

Choose three photos and explain why you’ve chosen them.

Another town, another place.

The unknown pleasures, that were offered in the 1980’s,

had to be experienced to be believed

but like most things, they were too good to last.

Snowdonia. A good location to write books in. No distractions and plenty of room for my imagination to roam freely. When it’s this light, the dark can only be a stone’s throw away.

Legend has it, that there are still some Trolls active in this area and all you have to do is imagine them into existence.

A slightly faded picture, of a world long gone but not forgotten. What followed, doesn’t bare thinking about for too long.

It’s just a good job, that this isn’t one of those Then & Now pictures because if it were, you would weep.

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